Agriculture has always played an important role, however, to make it more sustainable and eco-friendly, numerous policies have been passed causing the face of the industry to change. Agriculture and food processing is linked to many economic factors and having skilled legal assistance really makes a difference. Kirm Perpar has particular industry knowledge and provides business savvy advice to its clients.

Niche Expertise

Our agriculture & food processing experts advise on a wide range of legal services, including advice on real estate matters such as farming rights, land tenure and tenancy systems, usage of fertilizers, pesticides, water and seeds, insurance, financing, animal rights, distribution, food and beverage labelling, marketing, import / export matters, competition and tax matters. We understand the needs of agricultural and food processing businesses and can therefore anticipate the needs and requirements of our clients. With our niche expertise in this area, we are perfectly placed to provide tailored legal support to help you to achieve your business objectives.

Deep Industry Insight

Clients we represent include a broad range of industry players, such as leading pharmaceuticals, manufacturers, farming conglomerates, food production, food processing, food packaging sector, but also distributers, financers and investors.


If you should have a particular inquiry, need legal assistance or would like to discuss any matters directly with one of our lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact us!