Taxation is an ever-present factor for every business. A clever and well-structured approach to taxes can help savings. Our tax law specialists have longstanding experience in providing tax advisory and outside general tax counsel to public and private businesses on all tax aspects of their operations in Slovenia.

Knowledgeable Team of Tax Law Experts

Our knowledgeable team of experts offer sound tax advice. Besides tax planning and optimisation, we advise domestic and international clients on tax matters in relation to corporate M&A and restructurings, real estate, transfer tax, VAT and indirect taxes, double taxation issues, custom and exercise duties, employment related taxation and tax compliance. We also handle all tax related disputes for our clients.

Special Industry Know-how

Through our multi-disciplinary approach to taxation paired with special industry know-how, we are able to offer tailored tax advice to clients from any industry.


If you should have a particular inquiry, need legal assistance or would like to discuss any matters directly with one of our lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact us!