Data protection and privacy is a hot topic at the moment, especially in the light of the enforcement of the ‘new’ General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union. Although increased regulations and more vigilant authorities are becoming more present, this does not mean data handling is impossible. With the assistance of our highly skilled data protection specialists, clients can benefit from smart legal advice to bring their business in compliance with governing law.

Full Range of Data Protection Services

Our data protection team advises on the full range of data protection, this includes data collection and its processing and transfer, privacy and security matters, data protection audits and compliance advice, disputes, marketing. We put particular emphasis on GDPR and offer clients detailed advice regarding compliance and effectively updating existing business structures and processes to meet the new requirements.

Deep Sector Knowledge

As data protection and privacy is a matter that is of concern for everyone, we are proud to have a broad client rooster with clients from industries ranging from technology, media & telecommunications, retail & consumer goods, to pharmaceuticals and healthcare, banks, financial services, energy, automotive and manufacturing sector.


If you should have a particular inquiry, need legal assistance or would like to discuss any matters directly with one of our lawyer, please do not hesitate to contact us!