The tenth package of measures to mitigate the effects of the epidemic (PKP10)

24 November 2021

With the epidemic still in full swing, the Slovenian government has accepted a proposal of the Act on additional measures to prevent the spread, mitigate, control, recover and eliminate the consequences of Covid-19. Among other things, the Act introduces a solidarity allowance for certain vulnerable groups of the population and new measures to help the economy and healthcare. Before its implementation the Act must be approved by the parliament.

Measures to help the economy

PKP 10 provides a measure of partially reimbursed lost income for the self-employed, company members and farmers for the duration of quarantine at home or inability to work due to force majeure due to childcare responsibilities for the period from July 1 to December 31, 2021 (i.e. also retroactively), thus equating financial aid to these target groups with other employees. The amount of partially reimbursed lost income is 250 euros for each quarantine ordered (10 days) or for the time when the self-employed person is unable to perform work due to force majeure. However, the refund cannot be higher than 250 euros for ten days, 500 euros for 20 days and 750 euros for one month. Partially reimbursed lost income is exempt from all taxes and contributions.

Furthermore, the proposal provides aid for the purchase of rapid antigen self-tests for SARS-CoV-2. All legal or natural persons whether governed by public or by private law (companies, sole proprietors, institutions, associations and the self-employed) would be entitled to aforementioned tests in the amount of 60 euros per worker.

The proposal also envisages an extension of the deadline to spend the tourist vouchers. Last year's vouchers ('TB') would be valid until June 30 next year, while this year's vouchers ('BON21') will be extended by the government with a Decision.

Measures in the field of healthcare

In the field of healthcare the extend of the temporary labour redeployment measure is planned until June 30, 2022. All employers in the public health service network must thus prioritize staffing according to the demonstrated needs. An amendment to the national tender for improving access to health services has also been prepared, so that the waiting list above the permissible waiting period is taken into account within six or nine months after the tender is carried out. This should improve the efficiency of the tender and ensure greater access to health services.

In addition, the financing of telemedicine treatment has been extended until June 30, 2022, which is professionally justified and required also for patients positive for COVID-19. The measure of taking a leave of absence due to sickness without a certificate of justified absence from work has been extended until February 28, 2022 with the possibility of extension for another 3 months, and lastly an option of using unused annual leave for 2020 has been extended until April 1, 2022 and annual leave for 2021 until December 30, 2022.

Allowances for certain groups of the population

PKP 10 provides a solidarity allowance to the most vonurable groups of the population:

pensioners, that have a pension up to 510 euros will receive 300 euros, those having a pension up to 612 euros will receive 230 euros of allowance and those having a pension up to 714 euros will receive 130 euros. The payment is expected to be made by the Pension Institute in December.

• the government proposes that farmers with less than 591 euros of pension are to be paid an allowance of 150 euros to improve their social situation. That's how much the disabled are also receiving.

• volunteers, mainly members of the civil protection and students who have accepted work in health care institutions will receive a special allowance, which will be paid on a daily basis, in the amount of 30 euros for members of the civil protection and 25 euros for students.


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