The Government has extended some existing measures in 2021

08 January 2021

In addition to the new measures adopted by PKP 7, the government has extended some of the measures that would otherwise be in force until the end of last year. The measures thus extended are as follows:

Partial reimbursement of lost income due to ordered quarantine or force majeure
The self-employed, managers and farmers will continue to be entitled to partial reimbursement of lost income for the duration of the ordered quarantine at home or inability to perform work due to force majeure due to childcare obligations. The amount of aid is EUR 250 for the duration of the quarantine, i.e. 10 days.

Monthly basic income
Until 31 March 2021, the government extended the measure of extraordinary assistance in the form of a monthly basic income for the self-employed, managers and farmers. They will continue to receive a monthly basic income of EUR 1,100, whereas the self-employed in culture will receive EUR 700 and farmers EUR 940 per month.

Subsidy to cover fixed costs
The Government has also extended the measure of subsidizing uncovered fixed costs, which is explained more in detail in our news item "Measure of partial subsidization of fixed costs" , updated on 4 January 2021.

Compensation of wages due to quarantine or force majeure
The measure of compensation of wages to employees due to ordered quarantine or inability to perform work due to force majeure due to the childcare obligation, suspension of public transport or border closure and reimbursement of wages, paid to the employees, is extended.

Deferral or installment payment of tax liabilities
The measure that permits taxpayers to facilitate the exercise of the suspension or repayment in installments of taxes, tax prepayments, withholding tax and contributions, if the reason for the inability to pay is the loss of the ability of obtaining revenues due to the epidemic, has been extended the end of March 2021.

The duty of the employer to inform the inspectorate about work at home
The measure of the employer's obligation to inform the Labor Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia about work at home is extended until 31 March 2021.


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