Overview of state measures and aids to support the economy

03 April, 2020

On April 2, 2020 the Slovenian National Assembly adopted the Intervention Measures Act to curb the COVID-19 epidemic and mitigate its consequences for citizens and the economy (“Megalaw”), however some measures will apply from 13 March 2020.

In the coming weeks, it is expected that the government will propose additional measures, which will in particular try to prevent chain illiquidity of the companies, regulate the guarantee scheme and the measures of SID Bank.

As a result of the current situation, companies are facing an increasing number of legal challenges. These currently relate primarily to employment relationship issues, measures taken by the Republic of Slovenia to mitigate the consequences, and contractual relationships, especially in connection to failure to fulfil obligations.

In order to assist our clients when coping with these exceptional circumstances, we have prepared an overview of the most important information related to above mentioned legal topics.

Follow us as the document will be updated and adjusted on a regular basis in the light of additionally introduced measures.