Obtaining temporary protection for displaced persons from Ukraine

20 April 2022

Due to the crisis situation in Ukraine and the mass influx of people fleeing the war, the Council of the European Union decided in early March to activate temporary protection for displaced persons in the European Union, providing temporary protection for Ukrainian displaced persons due to military invasion of Russian armed forces. In accordance with this decision, Slovenia also adopted its own Decision on the introduction of temporary protection for displaced persons from Ukraine in the Republic of Slovenia (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 32/22), which entered into force on March 10, 2022. Since the war situation is not improving, the information on the process of obtaining temporary protection is still more than relevant. The process is described in more detail below.

The Decision adopted by the Republic of Slovenia activated temporary protection for certain categories. Eligible for temporary protection are the following persons who resided in Ukraine before 24 February, before the Russian invasion:

- Ukrainian nationals,
- stateless persons and nationals of third countries who are not citizens of Ukraine and are benefiting from international protection status or equivalent national protection in Ukraine,
- family members of the persons referred to in the first and second indents of the paragraph,
- stateless persons and nationals of third countries who are not citizens of Ukraine and were legally residing in Ukraine on the basis of a valid permanent residence permit, but who are unable to return safely to their country of origin.

Upon entering our country, a person who intends to apply for temporary protection must fill out an Application for Temporary Protection form and also present all the evidence available and relevant for the decision on granting temporary protection. The application (together with the evidence) is then forwarded to the administrative unit, which, by means of a summary fact-finding proceedings, determines whether the applicant meets the conditions for obtaining temporary protection. The same applies to persons who (during the period of temporary protection) enter Slovenia illegally or are already residing in the Republic of Slovenia. They must all immediately, no later than three days after entering the country, fill out an application and submit it to the police or administrative unit. In the case of already residing persons, the application is submitted during the period of their legal residence.

An Administrative Unit issues a card to the applicant which is also valid as a temporary residence permit in the Republic of Slovenia. The temporary protection card is valid for as long as the temporary protection lasts, which is, in accordance with the Decision one year after the Decision enters into effect and may be extended for a maximum of two times for the period of six months each.

In addition to the right to temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia, a person granted temporary protection also has the right to accommodation and meals in accommodation centres or financial assistance for private accommodation, to health care, work, education, financial assistance or pocket money, family reunification, free legal assistance, information on rights and obligations, and assistance in exercising rights under the Temporary Protection of Displaced Persons Act.