SELA Webinar - Sustainable Business Entities & ESG ♻

27 February 2023

On Thursday 23rd February 2023, our managing partner Andrej Kirm hosted SELA's webinar on the topic of ’Sustainable Business Entities & ESG ’. The webinar was co-hosted by Leon Ribič, our of counsel attorney at law.

The point of this webinar was to highlight the importance and necessity of moving from a linear economic and industrial model to a circular model that advocates efficient use of resources and raw materials, recycling and reuse of waste. Andrej and Leon presented this topic from a legal perspective.

There were also two guest speakers, the first being Katarina Urošević, chief of staff and director of communications at HTEC Group. She presented the topic from a point of view of a company that operates according to the principles of sustainability at a global level.

The second guest speaker was Zoran Pavlović, and independent consultant at Prudent Capital and he presented results of a research of awareness on sustanability in different companies.

You can download or watch the presentation here.