Residence and work permit in Slovenia based on business

08 October 2021

There are a number of purposes for obtaining a temporary (and after a certain period of legal residence also permanent) residence in Slovenia. The focus of this article will be obtaining a residence through business migration. The information provided are relevant for non-EU nationals since they need to obtain a temporary residence and work permit, while EU nationals (and members of EEA and Swiss Confederation) do not.

The process of obtaining the permit is simpler in Slovenia than in other countries of the European Union and consists of three stages:

1. A non-EU national firstly has to open a company in Slovenia with a starting capital of 7.500,00 EUR

Steps to take in order to open a company are as follows:
- obtaining Slovenian tax numbers for founders and company representatives
- preparation of the documents for registration of the company
- contribution of the share capital of 7.500,00 EUR
- opening company’s operating account

2. After the company is registered in the Slovenian Business Register it will have to prove its active business

To fulfil conditions of active business, one of three conditions must be met:

- Business migration with investment: investments of no less than 50.000,00 EUR in fixed assets of the company, which the company uses for its activities for making a profit (real estate, used as an office, special equipment for production, technology etc.) should be made in the first 6 months of the existence of the company. This is the most expensive but also the fastest way - to perform immigration within three months, the investment should be complete in the first week after company registration. This option is ideal for anyone who wants to invest in real estate in Slovenia.

- Business migration with the company's turnover: the company must have at least 10.000,00 EUR turnover per month for six consecutive months. After that, the permit can be obtained, the process in this case lasting between eight and nine months. This option is best for someone that already has a business in their home country and does not need the permit right away. Furthermore, with this option, the director of the company may obtain a license for representatives and perform tasks in the Slovenia for up to 90 days a year.

- Business migration with Employment of a Slovenian or an EU citizen in the company: Slovenian or an EU citizen should be employed in the company for a period of at least 6 months (full-time). All salaries to employee and tax obligations must be paid during that period. Timewise this option is similar to the second one – the acquisition of the permit lasts around nine months. It is important to note that there are no requirements regarding minimum turnover or investment with this option.

There are another two options for business migration for persons having a higher education while not having to prove active business:

- Employment with labour market control: with this option it is possible to open a company, but appoint someone else to be its representative. The company must then publish a vacancy in the Slovenian Register of Unemployed Persons that will check if there are suitable candidates for the position in their registry (procedure known as labour market control). If it is decided that there are no suitable Slovenian candidates, a non-EU candidate can apply for work and residence permit. When it is obtained they will be employed in their company on a specific job position.

- European Union Blue Card: this option is similar to the one mentioned above – a person cannot be a director of a company and should pass labour market control in order to obtain a EU Blue Card. They should be employed as an expert and have their diploma verified by Slovenian Ministry of Education. Furthermore, their salary should be at least 1,5 times the average Slovenian salary. The EU Blue Card is valid for two years and with this option person acquires the right to immediate family reunification (with other options reunification is possible after one year of residence in Slovenia).

3. The application for a Single residence and work permit can be submitted

Single Permits are issued by The Administrative Unit ('Upravna enota') with the consent of the Employment Service of Slovenia. The Administrative Unit automatically starts the process of obtaining consent from the Employment Service of Slovenia after the application is submitted. On the basis of permission, the permit is then issued in the form of a biometric card.

The only thing left after the permit is issued is to register in the system of compulsory health insurance as well as register the place of residence.

It is important to note that business immigrants (and their families) can apply for a permanent residence permit after they’ve spent five years in Slovenia with a temporary residence permit and after ten years of residence the request for a Slovenian citizenship can be submitted.


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